Democracy Deniers

I found this article on “Election Deniers” (WaPo) both encouraging and discouraging.

You might note, as I did, the similarities to how we respond to religious faith.  One response being we “just have to move on.”

“It’s been bad enough dealing with climate change deniers. Now we also have to deal with tens of millions of election deniers.”

“Republicans and independent analysts said a key to restoring faith in the election is to bombard doubters with objective evidence — but without insulting them.”

“As long as there are millions of Americans who prefer the nonsense to the reality, I don’t know that there’s much you can do,” St. Mary’s College political scientist Todd Eberly said.”

“Said Bill Bolling, a former ­two-term Republican lieutenant governor of Virginia, who now teaches politics at George Mason University and elsewhere: “The emotions are so high that you’re not going to change anybody’s mind. I think you just have to move on.”

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