Fly My Flag!

As we all know, Jesus loves flags.

Remember his famous call:

“Take up your flag and follow me.”

Geez, this will be one Supreme Court case to watch.

Hugely important case (after all, what could be more important for the Highest Court in the land?):

“Fly my Christian Flag over Boston City Hall or I’m Telling!” (footstomp. . .whine).


The Supreme Court accepted this case!  Long sigh. . .

Here’s something to keep in mind:  Who came up with a flag that represents the whole religion of Christianism?  And, what’s the purpose of flying it at all?

Have you forgotten how to “live a Christian life,” so you need to “prove your faith” by running a piece of cloth up a pole on public property?  Sad.

Wait for it.  The Satanic Temple will certainly be preparing their own flag!

I can’t wait.

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  1. Really Chris, your tolerance for this eventually will be waning. There is another act if you are interested

  2. Howdy Chris. It’s been a while. I think the SCOTUS case is being brought up by the American United secular lobby for Separation of Church and State. They want it to not be flown or course as it is a direct violation of the Constitution’s separation clauses. Have you seen a picture of the flag?. It is a dark blue square in the upper left corner with a blood read cross in the center on a white background what . Personally I think it should be the fish, as Boston is the fish capital of New England. They can even call it Ichthys if they wish and when asked what the hell does that mean, they can memorize “I esous Christos th eou hy ios s oter”. What they will say? And those that care can answer, It is the original symbol of the church and of our commercial success. Oh, then what is all the fuss about.

    • Hey, Marty. This case was a lawsuit by the faith-flag-fellow in Boston. AU will certainly file an amicus. You’re kidding about whether I’ve seen the flag, right? I grew up with the “Christian flag” in the sanctuary of our church. It’s been around a long time (Jesus may have flown it from the cross, I’m not sure).

      • A flag in your church. That was never flown in our congregations. I wonder why? Probably designed by a liberal so my church would have nothing that waved from the left side of Christianity. I have always preferred the fish as you now know. I thought the Ichthys symbol was more redeeming that a cross which is such a death symbol. The fish also allowed the X’s to have it displayed since many pagans didn’t know what it was and just though they liked fish or served it for dinner. A more subtle symbol is my preference even if it is Greek. That is ” greek” to most people. Do you remember any of your theological Greek classes (koine) I can still read a few words as I liked the musical sounds of the words compared to the king james which sounded like Shakespeare to me. John 1:1 is my fav. En apXn nv o logos kai o logos nv (pi)pes tov Theos” Okay enough of that pedantic crap. I still like the fish as it is less fishy.

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