Selected Photographs by Chris Highland

{Except where noted, all images on this website are by Chris}

My photographs appear in each of my books, blogs and columns. Images have been requested for book covers, brochures, websites and exhibitions.  

Commissioned Photos for MTA County Website (2012)

Photo Exhibitions of Chris Highland’s Work

“Nature in Black, White & Green”

February through April, 2010

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Belvedere, CA

Nine (9) black and white photographs, printed on bamboo paper and dry mounted on wood (for sale)

“Exquisite Simplicity”

April-May, 2008

Bayview Corner, Whidbey Island, Washington

20 black and white photographs, printed on bamboo paper, dry mounted on wood, suspended on rough-hewn alder poles (for sale)


  1. your Photo in today’s Asheville Citizen Times of multiple mushrooms is particularly attractive to me because, in 1972, a similar scene which I came upon unexpectedly in the middle of a woods spontaneously pulled me from a long-standing depression. If you’re photo was taken locally in those mushrooms are still visible, I would love to visit them If you would tell me their location.
    thank you. And, I really appreciate your down-to-earth approach to matters of faith, including the message in today’s article (Sat. 10/23) which is the message so many of us a desperately needed to hear. very sincerely, Sharron

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