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Available in paperback or ebook
Order through your favorite book source
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Selected Reviews


“His stories reveal many practical, often small, ways that systemic change can be fostered through our social and individual relationships. Here there are rays of hope for restoring our broken world.”
Dr. Mark Rutledge, Campus Minister at Duke University (Retired)

“I read it last Sunday. Well done you! Trying to make this world better through reasoned discourse. (Yes, I will review on Amazon).”

“I liked the essays there and am in agreement with most of what’s said—I am a free thinker after all!”

“Usually when I read a book I’ll pass it along and never see it again. “Broken Bridges” is one that I will add to my small library of books that I keep. They all have special meaning to me, but “Broken Bridges” touches my very soul.” 

“Most uplifting and informative and thought provoking.”

“Broken Bridges is excellent writing and excellent thinking, in my opinion. I read it a second time in small sections, to contemplate them more fully, as a good way to start my mornings.”

Book Cover

“I’m really enjoying your book and am finding myself very much at home within it.”

“You are making a considerable contribution by the publication of this book, and you are encouraging all of us to taste from the menu of faith tradition in order to celebrate diversity and to dive deeper into spiritual exploration. I hope that this collection of your articles will reach far beyond these hills!”

“Lately, I’ve heard increasing numbers of people say that, when they go into nature, they feel like they are at church. This collection of essays from Asheville Citizen-Times columnist Chris Highland might be their hymnal. A Freethinker’s Gospel is a book for those who find meaning under tree canopies as easily as in cathedrals.”

“More of these kinds of books are needed. In my humble opinion, many atheists and freethinkers spend far too much effort attacking religion and believers.”

 “Freethinkers Gospel continues to bring healing to me after years of feeling dismissed by my family and church. Your writing is validating, yet soothing and balanced. You express your thoughts with compassion that is consistent with a humanist stance. It’s as if you kept the best part of yourself and left behind all that is wrong with religion. I sincerely appreciate you!”

Chris Highland’s First Book is still popular!

Muir cover

Meditations of John Muir, over 65,000 copies sold

(17th printing in 2021)

Amazon Review: “There was no gift or treasure that I could buy that is comparable to the deeply moving passages and meditations in this book. All of the meditations/passages are truly captivating. The poetic quality of Muir is deeply stirring and created this sense of urgency for me to stop, appreciate and humble myself to the complete and utter majesty of nature. This book is to be both consumed and savored for the magical and soul-stirring work of art it is. Absolutely breathtaking.”

John Muir Fans FB comment: “I LOVE this book! Have had my copy for many years and it is bookmarked, dog-eared and underlined in various inks. Each time I read the passages, I find something new to contemplate. It is my personal bible. Thank you for compiling and issuing this gem.”

Goodreads Reviewer: “Beautiful to read and to flip through. Great language and really puts you in his shoes. Thoughtful but not heavy. Good for people loving nature or those who have a bit of a spiritual side. Or both, I would recommend!!”

Publishers’ Weekly:  “Highland has juxtaposed long quotes from Muir’s journals with short reflections drawn from sacred texts the world over. With its small size and attractive format, this book makes the perfect addition to every naturalist’s knapsack.”

Podcaster: “For years I have owned and enjoyed your “Meditations of John Muir”, one of my heroes, (along with Emerson and Thoreau). As a fellow freethinker, I am fascinated by the message, and resonate with your approach that your writings “are not for the ‘faint of faith’ or the ‘aggressive of atheism.”

Nature Meditations Series
Available in paperback or ebook
Order through your favorite book source
Please consider giving “stars” & a review!

“I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for your amazing works! I have always been a reader but the last few months I have been unable to find anything to keep my interest, then one day while visiting the Adirondacks I found Meditations of Henry David Thoreau and I couldn’t put it down, I then purchased Meditations of John Muir and Meditations of John Burroughs and I couldn’t put those down either.
I absolutely love how you have organized these works of art, the wording, the photos and you have put into words my thoughts and feelings regarding God, Nature and being more with God in nature than in a church. I have just ordered 3 more of your books
Once Upon a Faith, Meditations of Margaret Fuller and Meditations of Walt Whitman!
As a mother, wife, teacher, farmer and lover of the outdoors I truly appreciate your books, thank you so much for these wonderful contributions to our world! I look forward to reading more of your books as you have become one of my favorite authors! God Bless you.” 

♦   ♦   ♦

Also by Chris Highland

Jesus and John Muir (2010, republished 2021)

I am happy to report that following my wonderful visit to Concord, Massachusetts, the Shop at Walden Pond now carries all six books in the “nature meditations” series

On the Shelf in Muir Woods

Muir, Emerson, Thoreau and Whitman in the bookshop at Muir Woods National Monument (presented by Chris’ daughter Sharel)

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  1. I have read the book Waldon many times. It is the most peaceful reading that I have ever experienced. I look forward to reading your books. ~ Dennis

  2. Thoreau’s essay on Walking is also a treasure, Dennis. Happy saunters in “nature’s scripture.”

  3. I am going to have to become acquainted with your writing!

  4. I enjoyed reading your reflection on your visit to the local Mosque in today’s Asheville Citizen-Times. Thank you.
    Peter Boggs, Montreat, NC

  5. Let me introduce you to a book you should read: “Swift Currents” by David Grim. It is about history/fiction in the Lowcountry. Great book with wonderful insight into the history of that part of the country.

  6. Chris,

    Always enjoy your articles. Could you recommend a book on comparative religions. I want to learn the basic teachings of the major world religions.
    I was raised Christian and my daughter leans Budist.
    I spent 29 years in the Army and met many great chaplains.

    Bill Van Horn
    Franklin, NC

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