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Book Cover

“A Freethinker’s Gospel” 

“You are making a considerable contribution by the publication of this book, and you are encouraging all of us to taste from the menu of faith tradition in order to celebrate diversity and to dive deeper into spiritual exploration. I hope that this collection of your articles will reach far beyond these hills!”

-Reader Review

-Review on Patheos



MJM 1.5 cov 

Meditations of John Muir, over 50,000 copies sold

(15th printing in 2018)

Amazon Review: “There was no gift or treasure that I could buy that is comparable to the deeply moving passages and meditations in this book. All of the meditations/passages are truly captivating. The poetic quality of Muir is deeply stirring and created this sense of urgency for me to stop, appreciate and humble myself to the complete and utter majesty of nature. This book is to be both consumed and savored for the magical and soul-stirring work of art it is. Absolutely breathtaking.”

Publishers’ Weekly:  “Highland has juxtaposed long quotes from Muir’s journals with short reflections drawn from sacred texts the world over. With its small size and attractive format, this book makes the perfect addition to every naturalist’s knapsack.”

Published Works by Chris Highland

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Book Cover

A Freethinker’s Gospel:

Essays for a Sacred Secular World (2018)

Nature Meditations Series:

Muir cover

Meditations of John Muir:  

Nature’s Temple (2001)

Thoreau cover

Meditations of Henry David Thoreau:  

A Light in the Woods (2002)

Emerson cover

Meditations of Ralph Waldo Emerson:  

Into the Green Future (2004)

Whitman cover

Meditations of Walt Whitman:  

Earth, My Likeness (2004)

Fuller cover

Meditations of Margaret Fuller:  

The Inner Stream (2007)

Burroughs cover

Meditations of John Burroughs:  

Nature is Home (2007)

Address cover

My Address is a River

(Chaplain stories.  2010)

Jesus and Muir cover

Jesus and John Muir

(Novella.  2010)

Life after Faith cover

Life After Faith

(Auto-bio.  2010)

Available to Read Online (FREE):

Edge of Falls cover

Edge of the Falls

(Poetry, excerpts.  2009)

Greatest Tree cover

The Greatest Tree of All

(Children’s book.  2011)

Available Only on iBooks (FREE):

Nature is Enough cover small

Nature is Enough

(Essay collection. 2013)

I am happy to report that following my wonderful visit to Concord, Massachusetts, the Shop at Walden Pond now carries all six books in the “nature meditations” series

On the Shelf in Muir Woods

Muir, Emerson, Thoreau and Whitman in the bookshop at Muir Woods National Monument (presented by Chris’ daughter Sharel)

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10 thoughts on “Books

  1. Let me introduce you to a book you should read: “Swift Currents” by David Grim. It is about history/fiction in the Lowcountry. Great book with wonderful insight into the history of that part of the country.

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