Religious Wrong

The so-called “Religious Right” with its messy mix of Faith and Follytics (clever, yes?) is stumbling and bumbling in its quest to establish its beloved “Religious Liberty.”

But what if their words and actions actually betray that?

What if they show themselves to be anti-Religious Liberty?

I’ll keep this brief …

For a laugh, a congresswoman uses anti-Muslim language to attack another congresswoman.

Boebert v. Omar

My suggestion:  Let’s stop using the term “Islamophobia” (though that is still accurate in many cases) and not simply refer to this attitude/prejudice as “anti-Muslim” (which it clearly is).

What “Religiously Right” folks like Boebert need to hear, over and over, in response to their ignorant babble should be:

“Congresswoman, you seem to be against Religious Freedom. Attacking someone for their religious beliefs is an assault on Religious Liberty.  How un-American!”

Let’s see how that response works.

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  1. Tragically, both the religious right and the religious left (as well as the secular right and left) justify violence, lying, destruction, intolerance, etc. for there own side:-(

    While I’ve worked with a few Muslims and with Christians, etc
    who are kind and tolerant, very sadly many of them deny freedom for others. For example, in the Middle East where I’ve lived and worked, all sides kill, steal, lie, and oppress.
    And here in the U.S. the local mosque leader, a college professor as stated he is against freedom of religion:-(
    Etc. Christian rightest here even preach from the pulpit against Democrats!

    • Certainly important subject here, Daniel. You’d have to give an example of the religious and secular Left justifying those things. As I see it here, we have a much larger problem with Christian Nationalists who are actually against Freedom of Religion.

      • I’m only one finite individual. But as an American literature-history teacher, I know that Christian rightwing nationalism is every where now, and that it has a horrific history going back through all of American history, British history, and back, back. And my many years being involved in both the religious and secular left and reading hundreds of news articles shows me at least that those are very bad, too. Heck, Chris, keep in mind that in 1965, I was one of the early members of Students for a Democratic Society at the University of Nebraska. In 1965, we, especially our leader who was an atheist grad student (who also went to Mississipp for Civil Rights work) were committed to nonviolence and opposed oppression of all sorts. However, as you probably recall, only about 2 years later SDS and many other leftists engaged in bombings, attacks, etc.
        And I have followed all of those ideological movements of both left and right since (and I’m of the secular left still; in 2016 voted for Bernie in the primary:-)
        Here’s another example, too. Last year for a book club I read and studied Stamped from the Beginning by Ibram X. Kendi. Kendi does a powerful job of presenting countless examples of the evil horror in the past of racial intolerance, racism, etc. HOWEVER, late in the book, while he disaproves of great civil rights workers for nonviolence from the 60’s, his ideal he states is Angela Davis! The violent leftist who went to the Soviet Union to receive the Lenin Prize, but refused to condemn the Soviet Union, etc. of its slaughters of humans, imprisioning of millions of innocent individuals, and of its oppressions.:-(
        Also, remember I used to live and work in Palestine-Israel where most Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Secularists support violence, theft, and terrorism. Also, since one of our family members was a police officer, I an sensitve to cases such as last year when leftists attacked Chicago police officers, injuring many. The Police Chief of Chicago, who is Black has documented via video footage how the violence by the leftist protesters was planned out.
        I do agree with you that we in the U.S. at the present time have a huge problem with Christian nationalists.

  2. While you are completely correct in your assessment of Pig Boebert’s disparaging and reprehensible behavior, it will never change. You’re expecting something from people they are neither able nor willing to provide: humanity. This is thousands of years old, religions simply do not mix and they are built on a foundation of hatred for the “other”. What Pig Boebert is displaying is her true self; this is who she is, along with many other “Christians” of all stripes. There is NO ONE more full of shit than a Christian and, of those, an evangelical. They are pathetic liars.

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