20 Books, 20 Years

This year, 2021, marks 20 years since I published my first book, Meditations of John Muir: Nature’s Temple.

With my next book, Breath, Death and Koheleth, the number of published books will be 20 in 20 years.

You can find them all here on the Books page (and see a detailed list below).

A deep thanks to all my readers and supporters for encouraging this “next chapter” of my life as a writer!

Books by Chris Highland

Friendly Freethinker (50 essays)
Broken Bridges (22 essays)
A Freethinker’s Gospel (52 essays)
Simply Secular (25 essays)
Nature is Enough (20 essays)
Birds, Beetles, Bears & Beliefs (32 essays)
A Secular Gospel (33 essays)
Was Jesus a Humanist? (25 essays)
My Address is a River (70 stories of interfaith chaplaincy)
From Faith to Freethought (personal reflections on leaving religion; a shorter version of Life After Faith)

♦Meditations of John Muir (60 selections paired with diverse quotes)
♦Meditations of Henry David Thoreau (60 selections paired with diverse quotes)
♦Meditations of Ralph Waldo Emerson (60 selections paired with diverse quotes)
♦Meditations of Walt Whitman (60 selections paired with diverse quotes)
♦Meditations of Margaret Fuller (60 selections paired with diverse quotes)
♦Meditations of John Burroughs (60 selections paired with diverse quotes)

♦The Message on the Mountain (a secular reading of the Sermon on the Mount)
Breath, Death and Koheleth (a secular reading of Ecclesiastes)

♦Edge of the Falls (poetry collection)
♦Jesus and John Muir (novella)

Appreciation is also due to Andy Reed, publisher of A Freethinker’s Gospel, Tim Sledge, publisher of Broken Bridges, and Mike Jones, former publisher at Wilderness Press (now a part of Keen) who first showed enthusiasm for my little book of Muir wisdom 20 years ago!

Header photo:  Where it all started. . .on the trails. . .

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  1. Hi Chris. I am so impressed with your writing fecundancy. I have a number of your books and they are very easy but stimulating reads. I have been struggling but very inspired to write my book on Humanism for our Chaplains and ambassadors here in Canada. It has evolved with many stages and purposes. One day I would like to pick your publishing brain (promise to leave all the neurons intact) about publishing and ideas on dissemination of books in our secular worldview. Your list is impressive and I send congrats and glad I met you.

    • I continue to appreciate your support, Marty. It means a lot. Not knowing how wide my circle of readers actually is, my intention is to keep getting “the word” out there, meaning of course the word of freethinking secular humanistic naturalism. . .or maybe simply my thoughts on things. Never about money, though sales and a few dollars are nice.
      Happy to share any publishing tips that may help your project. As Alan Alda says on his Clear and Vivid podcast, communication is essential, and keeping it simple enough to understand is critical. Anyway, stay the course!

      • Chris. I have KISS stickers all over my walls. Keep it simple stupid. But when I start to write, I get lost in detail fearing to leave some critical piece of evidence out. But I am getting better. I is hard to switch from academic writing to the lay and youthful readers which is my market destination. I will take you up on the offer to consult with you before the final publisher and process is determined. Keep up your very readable entries on this website as you demonstrate KISS principle par excellence.

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