New Book for Reading and Reflecting!

It’s been quite a year for writing and publishing!

Take a look at my Books page!

My latest book Once Upon a Faith is a collection of 50 essays plus a few song lyrics.  The threading theme is “the good journey” of freethought, with stories and reflections from my own trails as well as wisdom drawn from Jane Goodall, Wendell Berry, Chief Seattle, John Burroughs, Thomas Edison, Pooh Bear as well as lessons learned from chaplaincy and my own father.  I’ve even included a few parables I crafted to consider and contemplate.

Once again I shine a light on the good things done in the name of faith, while exposing the dark side.  As the back cover states, my writing can be pointed at times, yet seeks to point readers toward the goodness of the human journey.

Thanks for reading and supporting my work!


Once Upon a Faith is available in paperback or ebook 

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