New Book Series!

The pandemic year hasn’t been all doom, gloom and hide in the room.  Stepping back a little from being “out in the world” has made it possible to write a bit more and collect my scribbles from the last 20 years or so.

Now, I’m pleased and proud to announce a new series of books, several of which are second editions

Friendly Freethinker

⇒Fifty essays drawn from my weekly newspaper columns

Nature is Enough

⇒Eighteen essays with mostly Nature themes, gleaned from the last twenty years

Simply Secular

⇒Twenty-five essays with an edge, mingled with memories both humbling and humorous

From Faith to Freethought

⇒A much shorter version of my earlier story of emergence from faith

My Address is a River

⇒A collection of seventy stories selected from my chaplaincy years

The Message on the Mountain

⇒A natural, secular reading and commentary on the “Sermon on the Mount”

See All the Books Here

Thank you for reading!

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