Faith in Nature?

A teaser preview of this week’s “Highland Views” column in the Asheville Citizen-Times:

This particular afternoon when Carol was lamenting the weather, making a characteristic comment about the fate of the blooms, I tried another angle. With a serious tone I said: “You know, I think I figured out what your problem is.” She was smiling and shaking her head already, anticipating a silly or sarcastic remark. “Yes, I think I know your problem—you don’t have much faith … (pausing) … faith in nature.” I thought that was quite clever. She muffled a moan as we kept walking.

We humans often complain about the natural order, forgetting that nature does what nature does and we are no greater or lesser than anything else. This is how a seasoned naturalist or competent scientist would view the world. What about the faithist—the person of faith? Could their belief in the super-natural cause them to lose faith in nature?

To read the full column:

1-Read it this Saturday in the Citizen-Times

2-Read it this weekend posted here

3-Wait and read it when it’s published in another book

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