Some people wonder how those with faith and those without faith can live, work and even have friendly relationships with one another.

For many years as a chaplain I worked side by side with a lot of faithful folks who “believed” in a ministry of compassion.  In later years of chaplaincy, my wife Carol was the ED of the large interfaith coalition that supported my innovative service on the edges and margins with people often left out of faith communities, and judged by the wider community.

Even when I “came out” as a secular freethinker, that community stood with me and respectful relationships remained.  I still count a Dominican nun, Buddhist priest, Jewish rabbi, Wiccan witch, Catholic, Protestant and Evangelical Christian leaders as colleagues and friends.

To give a flavor of the great work that coalition continues to do, and the inclusive principles that guide them, here is one line from a recent job opening announcement:

“Would you like to be on the cutting edge of reimagining how people of faith (and no faith) can collaborate to make [our county] a place where everyone thrives and is welcome?”

Now, even as a secular person, I can say:  That’s the spirit!

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