Seasonal Celebrations

Whatever you celebrate at this time of year (or don’t celebrate), may you have a naturally peaceful season.


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  1. Amen & Amen; it’s time to reclaim the meaning of E. Pluribus Unum.

  2. Chris. Sending you holiday wishes in a very pluralistic setting. It could be in a manager sitting beside a cow, or a wonderful potluck Kwanzaa dinner in the heart of Africa. Do you write books in Swahili? Well neither do I. Love the indigenous celebrations we have here in BC inspired by our many Salish groups up here in BC. who like our secular brothers and sisters do a Winter Solstice event and celebrate the “rebirth” of our sun on Dec. 21st. I like that form of being born again… you?

    Always read your posts and a few of your books which are now on an “all by themselves” shelf. The number keeps growing. I may include you as one of my early readers on the book I am writing with a colleague (also a Humanist chaplain) on Humanistic Value centered ambassadorship for Canadians. We hope to have a first draft done late Spring or early Summer. What do you think? Are you up to helping a fellow fly fisherman and nature lover and admirer of your efforts who is also a co-author. all the best. and may 2023 bring new ideas for the great words you write to keep us sacredly secular. How about Chris is High… on Pluralism?

    • Good wishes in the season of light, Marty. Many ways of celebrating, even by not celebrating. Happy to be a reader if and when you want that. Sounds like a most timely book. Here’s to a productive and peaceful year ahead!

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