Old Ferries, New Ships

This weekend’s column weaves an image from colonial history with an interfaith musical event and an old ferryboat …

Look for it this Saturday in the digital Citizen-Times or here on “Friendly Freethinker.”

“There Goes Many a Ship to Sea—who are our crewmates?”

“While reading historian Jill Lepore’s excellent one-volume history of the United States, “These Truths,” I came upon this memorable image from Roger Williams of the Rhode Island colony: “There goes many a ship to sea, with many hundred souls in one ship, whose weal and woe is common, and is a true picture of a commonwealth, or a human combination or society … papists and protestants, Jews and Turks, may be embarked in one ship.” One duty of the shipmaster is to make sure everyone can practice their own faith, “if they practice any.”

WhidbeyWinter06 006 - Version 2

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  1. Looks like the Olympic Mountains! Nice

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