Devil’s in the Details

When I was an evangelical Christian (many blood-red moons ago) I would damn someone like me for saying this, but

I love these satanists!

The Supreme Court designates a cross on public land as a secular symbol for veterans.  So, The Satanic Temple (not believers in a literal devil) have now designated this monument:

The Bladensburg Satanic Peace Cross

The Satanic Temple challenges Church/State issues across the country, since most religious groups won’t do that.  Who else will push back on the Christian Nationalists who claim public space for one religion?

So. . .

Leave it to the satanists.

Btw, in biblical tradition, “satan” means “the adversary,” like a lawyer in a courtroom, necessary to present another side.  In Middle Eastern traditions Light must be balanced by Dark.  In Asian traditions, Yin and Yang.

Hail the Adversary!

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