Viral Churches?

Americans United issued this statement about churches being exempted from closing during the pandemic.  Makes sense to me.  Very balanced and reasonable.

As I told someone:  public health “trumps” religious activity (could be applied to many things, right?)

“Americans United for Separation of Church and State praised faith communities that are protecting public health by halting in-person worship services during the COVID-19 pandemic, and urged government officials to follow the guidance of public health experts and not exempt religious services from temporary bans against gatherings of large groups of people.”

. . . .

“We applaud the faith communities that are finding creative ways to worship together online or by broadcast, and we hope that people will find comfort by participating in these virtual services. We may be physically apart, but we will get through this public health crisis together – even if it’s together in new ways.”

Full Statement

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  1. I thought it was funny when our governor lumped churches in with all other non essential services.

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