Which Flag, Jesus?

Some seem to think they “own” the flag.  Just as some think they “own” Jesus.

Where would Jesus go to church, or would he go to any?  Which nation would Jesus choose for citizenship, if any?  Which would welcome him?  Which party would Jesus join?  Which flag would he fly?

With millions of Americans waving their faith while waving their flags and guns in the name of Jesus, I think these questions are necessary to consider.

Since the Jesus of history has been buried, hidden behind the Christianism of our day, I find the perspectives of Freethought Fanny (Frances Wright) right on the mark:

“What think ye my friends?  If Jesus, or his likeness, should now visit the earth, what church of the many which now go by his name would he enter?  Or, if tempted by curiosity, he should incline to look into all, which do you think would not shut the door in his face?

‘He despises the law,’ would sound from one;  ‘He breaks the Sabbath,’ would echo from another. ‘He makes no prayers and professes no creed,’ would mutter a third; ‘He would exalt the low, bring down the mighty, and revolutionize society,’ would cry a fourth; ‘He keeps company with publicans and sinners,’ from a fifth; ‘He is no better than an infidel,’ would shout the whole …

It seems to me, my friends, that as one who loved peace, taught industry, equality, union, and love, one towards another, Jesus were he alive at this day, would recommend you to come out of your churches of faith, and to gather into schools of knowledge …

My friends, I am no Christian, in the sense usually attached to the word.  I am neither Jew nor Gentile, Muslim nor Theist; I am but a member of the human family, and accept truth [wherever] offered …”

~Frances Wright (1795-1852), “Lecture on the Formation of Opinions,” 1829

(header image:  the flag we are flying this week as a symbol of unity rather than division.  Next to fly:  a Rainbow flag with black and brown stripes included)

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