True Americans?

I’m sure I saw this survey last year (2019), and maybe you did as well.  It was done by the Public Religion Research Institute and included the chart below.  Several of the political similarities and divisions in America made me take another look, given even more polarization now:

1–We’re pretty much united on respecting institutions and laws

2–We believe in freedom of speech

3–We sound like we’re fairly united on accepting racial and religious difference


4–“Believing in God” is a huge division.  No surprise

5–Over one quarter (1 in 4) Republicans think you have to be of European heritage to be a true American.  Sixty percent think being born in America makes you a “true” citizen.

I wish there was less Blue on the lower part of the right side of the chart, but overall this graph reveals the  “graphic” gulfs and gaps between two opposing views.

Who defines a “True” American?

PRRI-Pluralism Survey


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