Smallest Predators

A wild thought was stalking me this morning:

In the Great (scary) Outdoors, we used to fear the large predators:

bears, mountain lions, wolves, sharks

We killed most of them (fear likes to kill things)

Further down the trail we fear smaller predators:

snakes, scorpions, spiders, ticks, wasps

We try to kill most of them too … though not all of these are “predators” (at least toward humans) and they don’t “mean” to harm us.

Now, we most fear the smallest predators:

viruses, bacteria, cancer cells, etc.

Again, they aren’t “out to get us,” they are simply doing their natural work.

Then, we go even smaller

Atomic particles, for instance.

Not “alive” or predatory, but we mess with them and they will destroy us.

Probably the most dangerous of all?  Consider this:

Brain cells.

I’m thinking about that.

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