God for President?

I’m a strong and outspoken supporter of wall of separation between Religion and State.  But what about religion in politics?  Should they, or could they, be kept completely separate?

Fact is, religion is already in politics.  So, one question is:  who will make sure our secular government holds true to constitutional principles?

As this article and the chart show, 72% of Democrats are religious and 60% claim to be Christians.

The “Not Religious” make up the largest segment of Democrats.  Do I wish there were more?  Sure.  But maybe the best thing, the healthiest thing, is to just keep building on the diversity, not to have less religious people in a party, but more of the “Others.”

The way I look at it, as long as people are working together for the Common Good with Common Sense, I’m all in.

The “Acting President” may lie-for-laughs all he wants about the godless Dems, but at least there’s one party that’s not controlled by Religion or One Religion.

Praise the Founders! 

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