Big Brother or Big Sister?

I guess a lot of us need a Big Sister or Brother.  Maybe we need a Strict Parent, at least sometimes?  Not sure, but seems we do.

Here’s the thing.

People don’t want the government (Big Brother) to make laws and regulations that tell them what they should or shouldn’t do.

⇒insert all the things you don’t like “Them” to “make” you do

I get it.  I don’t really want all those Do’s and Don’ts either.  I’d like to make up my own mind, to rationally and responsibly make my own decisions, do whatever I freely choose to do.

How well is that working in America?

Here’s the thing:

If people can’t seem to:

-act responsibly

-use common sense

-be thoughtful

-get educated about what is true

-practice the basic Golden Rule

You know, grow up?

Then. . .

Someone needs to step in, make rules and enforce them.

(as a parent myself, that’s part of my “job,” right?)

In other words, isn’t it obvious?–

If people need a Parent, a Big Brother or Big Sister, to “help” them make better decisions for their good and the good of others (and maybe not harm or kill the rest of us) well, then,

Papa and Mama Government (which is, after all, elected by us adults) is here to “help” you learn America is not all about You.

btw, when Thomas Paine spoke of government as a necessary evil he also said “Society is a blessing” (Common Sense).  But what is society and how can that function if people are really bad at making wise choices and responsibly governing themselves?

Do I need to cite examples?

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