Pan Pipes

Watched these “panpipes” as they were being constructed by “organ pipe” mud-daubber wasps, I assume.  The project is being built on the stone wall side of the garage.

Almost imagine hearing a tune (pan or organ).

Sad to say, a search for these wasps leads to many “pest control” sites.  Just KILL them seems our default with any living thing that gets in our way or that causes (irrational) FEAR.

This Clemson site is more rational and respectful, singing a more Scientific tune.

“Mud daubers are not aggressive insects and rarely sting, unless they are threatened or inadvertently contacted.”

If we take this reasonable approach to wasps we discover they actually pollinate, kill spiders (though we need a rational approach to these beneficial creatures too) and probably have other things to teach us, if we pay attention.

Entomologists tell us there are over 30,000 species of wasps, so I suggest we share the planet, since we already do!

And this article on Wasps! (BBC)

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