Right Paths?

Not too long ago I created a small trail-building business on an island in the Pacific NW.  Unfortunately, it didn’t last long … that path was a dead end, but I kept going forward. Other paths opened.

We were hiking a steep trail off the Blue Ridge Parkway.  It went up, then down, before we turned around.  Up again and down again, back to the trailhead.  Taking another trail we discovered something surprising.  On reflection, I thought our experience had something to say about choosing paths, how far we go before we trip over a question:  what if we went a little further?

Coming this weekend:

“On the Right Path, Not Quite Far Enough”

“On the trail of beliefs, there are many who follow paths, uncertain where they will lead. Some turn back, others take a deep breath and move forward. Maybe more people stay where they are and see no reason to walk on, to risk more effort, and perhaps get lost somewhere, losing their bearings and the will to progress. Some follow a well-marked trail that leads to a church, a sanctuary, a particular religion or tradition. There they make their home. They have discovered their destination, their community, all they need. But did they go far enough? Why not continue the search for something that may be greater, better, healthier, more fulfilling just a bit further?

A good question might be: Did I, did we, go far enough? There is more than one trail up the hill, down the hill, around the hill. They connect like a web, like rivers flowing together, and each one offers a new perspective to enjoy and explore.”

Header Photo:  one of my island paths

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