Enough! Confronting Pandering Preacher Politicians

Christian Nationalists, with their mission to make America a “Conservative Christian Nation,” are endangering democracy.  What they want is essentially a Theocracy with President Jesus and the Bible for a Constitution.  In my view, more citizens need to stand strong for Separation of Religion and Government.  We need to speak out to counter the attacks on secular society and the lies of these Pandering Preacher Politicians.

Though most of these PPPs are Trumpublicans, some Dems fall into the same PPP trap (like the NY Governor).

The following is the text of a letter I sent to the Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina who recently gave a speech preached at a “Faith and Freedom” Conference in our state.

Lt. Governor Mark Robinson,

Sir, I read your recent speech where you disrespected those of us in North Carolina who are patriotic citizens who don’t share your particular faith.
You said:
“As for this not being a Christian nation, yes, it is! If you don’t like it, I’ll buy your plane, train, or automobile ticket right up out of here.
As long as there is a remnant of his people in this place that continue to pray to him and for his wisdom, this will always be a Christian nation. It was established by Him.”

No sir. This is untrue, incorrect and simply wrong!

How dare you claim this secular-based nation with a secular Constitution that protects all religious freedom (to freely choose a religious faith or to freely choose not to believe in any God) is Christian–and your kind of Christian! That is NOT America. It’s not your country, sir. It’s not your religion’s country.

Then you said:
“They done told me I can’t pray, I can’t bring my Bible, can’t mention my God, can’t say nothing about Jesus Christ, but as soon as there’s a school shooting, everybody’s down at the schoolyard praying. Now you done run him off your property, but as soon as there’s trouble, here you come, “We’re gonna have a prayer vigil down at the school because we hada shooting.” You know, it seems quite easy to me, sir, if you had had that prayer vigil before that shooting, if you had let God come in that building before that shooting, if you had told those students, “Jesus Christ is the way and the light and only through him can you receive salvation,” there wouldn’t have been no school shooting.”

Fundamentally false. Why would you tell such a lie and say you are a man of God?

No law says a student cannot bring a Bible to school, or say a prayer. No one “run him off” school property. You made that up … and you’re a Lt. Governor?! These are dangerous, ignorant claims.

Blaming school shootings, innocent children being killed, on their not believing in Jesus! My gawd, man, where did you learn that?

I fear for the country if more people like you somehow end up in leadership positions, making decisions that impact all citizens, religious and non-religious.

Sir, you must apologize to us. And, you must learn more about the secular history of these United States.

Then, I urge you to resign. You clearly aren’t representing a large portion of the citizens of North Carolina.”

Header photo: NC State Capitol, Raleigh (with Andrew Jackson on horseback)

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  1. Scary times ahead. For many people, it is hard to accept that this country was and is secular. The twisting of the knife, has begun. You’re either for or against… And there seems to be no room for freedom of thought anymore. Good post mate.

  2. Chris. May you rest in peace after that courageous letter to the Lt. Gov. of your state. I rarely write to these political hacks as they just ignore the words and just count the letters that are pro and con. They don’t care what you said but only how you vote. This is the great weakness of American Democracy and it is it’s partisan, biased political groups what will resort to just about anything to get you to put them in office. And when they are there they repeat the phrases that will get them re- elected;

    The words are hollow just a Plato said about the assemblies in Athens made up of voting propertied males. I don’t know if there will ever be a philosopher king… maybe a reincarnation of Ashoka the Great in the 1st Century who was Buddhist but allowed all of the spiritual traditions in India to worship and congregate. It finally ended his reign as the Hindu’s hated him but were afraid of his power. They went after his weak son, and he failed. If there is a theocratic move in the US I would like to see how the Protestants reject the Catholics and the evangelicals the UUA and Quakers. If there ever is a move for total religious rule you will have a repeat of Europe during the religious wars all over again in the states and China and Russia and Iran will wait on the side lines to pick up the pieces. Religious rhetoric in government is for votes but if they got them, their would set off a revolt of the other religions. Oh, I forgot god is on the throne.

  3. Thanks for writing the rightwing leader in NC about how the U.S. is a secular nation. He ought to read the exchange between Jefferson and the Baptists that emphasized separation of church and state.

  4. whoa! what happened to the peaceable, bridge-building Chris Highland??!!! I am really surprised! Evidently, this is a Bridge Too Far!!

    Points so well taken.

    At the same time — I realized reading this how conditioned I am by race…. knowing that Lt Governor Robinson is African American, I sort of give him a (unpleasant) pass. If he were White, I’d be in your Amen corner : ) O me…. “when will they/I ever learn?”

    Thanks for the passion on this, Chris…. it’s critical.

    • Yes, Elizabeth, it’s a hard-hitting letter. I don’t necessarily give a pass to anyone, esp. when it comes to Xian Nationalism that harms people of all ethnicities. Here’s the thing: Freethinking sometimes requires incisive language, particularly in response to blatant ignorance, injustice and flagrant nonsense. Sugar-coating that response doesn’t cut it (e.g. MLK, Gandhi, Sojourner Truth, Jesus, the Prophets, etc). In my past “prophetic tradition,” as well as in my current “freethought tradition,” speaking truth to power is critically important. As I’ve made clear before, building bridges is not always possible, though it may be hoped for. It may be surprising to hear a peace-loving and often respectful “friendly freethinker” speak out so forcefully, yet I’ve never really been known to be a milk toast guy, esp. given my choice of vocation as a chaplain in the criminal justice system and “poverty industry.” Thanks for the pushback comment. Seriously. It’s good to re-articulate where I’m coming from in these matters.

      • It’s like a wake-up dash of cold water — surprising and appreciated —
        — your prophetic call statement especially.

        It’s reminding me of my long-ago period of thinking Jesus could not be divine — because of the way he talked to the Pharisees : ) I think it comes from being a GRITS … Girl Raised In The South — with the Thumper principle: “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” : )

        Thanks so much for the passionate reminder there are things too important for “passes.” Write on!!!

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