History Under Construction

A lot of people who are not teachers (and may have dropped out of school), and then somehow got elected to legislative leadership where they have the power to determine what is taught in schools (huh?), are critical of critically teaching subjects like History.

Here’s a wonderful example of taking a creative approach to education.  Muir Woods (one of my favorite “secular sanctuaries”) has placed interpretive signs filling out the missing facts from historical markers.

Muir Woods and historical corrections (SF Chronicle)

“While [early leaders] undoubtedly contributed to the forest becoming a national monument, part of our duty in the National Park Service is to tell the full story of how that happened.”

“The existing sign explaining the timeline of Muir Woods is accurate but lacks some context … The History Under Construction temporary exhibit was created after our staff thought up a creative and engaging way to expand upon that timeline and provide a learning opportunity to park visitors.”

Excellent!  History Under Construction!

(header photo:  reading from my first book, Meditations of John Muir, 20 years ago!)


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