What do you do when you hear of some tragedy, disaster or other event when people suffer or die?

Do you feel compassion and empathy?

Does it make you consider your own vulnerability or mortality?

Are you fearful or angry and helpless to help?

Or does the news cause you to reflect, become contemplative,

thoughtful or even prayerful?

Instead of the old, tired cliches: “Thoughts and Prayers”

or “Sending Prayers” or “Sending Good Energy” and such,  I suggest

Thoughts and Scotch

Or maybe for you it’s brew or wine, coffee or tea.

If we choose to do something for those who are hurt, if we can help in some way, by all means, we act.

But most of the time all we can do is express our feelings and do some serious thinking.  We can’t *send* those things, but we can take a sip of something and consider the frailty of human life or the power of Nature or the incompetence of some leaders or imperfection of human society.

For me, it’s primarily

Thoughts and Scotch

What do you do with your thoughts and feelings?

(btw, I’m no heavy drinker.  A dram of scotch is small and sipped slowly, contemplatively)

(btw 2:  Mostly I sit and talk over world events with Carol.  I admit, that’s better than any drink)

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