God was on Earth?

Recurring thoughts and questions about the Man-God:

We’re told that God, the Creator of the Universe, once stepped on our planetary soil.

Apart from somehow needing to be born (through a vagina without the need of sperm … call it what it is) and growing up, we hear that he disputed religious teachers in the temple (something he would be known for in later life) and then . . .

Then … what?

Approximately 18 years later (GOD is walking around on earth for 18 years and we know nothing about that?!) he arrives back on the world stage to “speak good news to the poor” and the rest is history a story told by his followers long after he went back “up” to wherever he went.

Now, what did all this accomplish?

Well, we’re told by those who somehow know these things (“we read it in the Bible”!) that:

He died and was resurrected for forgiveness and redemption.

That’s pretty much the whole story.

My burning question (for which I may one day burn):

Why couldn’t all this be accomplished in One Day?

Seriously, the Lord of the Universe could have condescended to the “fallen world” to preach the Sermon on the Mount, get crucified, resurrected and forgive everyone In One Day.

Why the “human drama” when he wasn’t even supposedly Human?

Just wondering. . .

(I realize no one can really answer this, but had to get it out)

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  1. And, thirty years on the planet, and he couldn’t be bothered to write anything down himself? If he were supposedly god, he would have known that later generations would be getting their information about him from a book. Why not make sure that the book got things right?

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