Minute Meditation

On a long trail loop near Asheville, we waded through a cold mountain stream 7 or 8 times, beneath pines and poplars, through rhododendron “tunnels” and back on a forest service road.  Stepping carefully through each bend of the stream was refreshing (and our boots are still drying out).

Stopping for a lunch of simple snacks, I took this short video to share.  A few moments of peace.  Maybe a secular meditation?  Nature’s invitation to let go of all the babbling and bubbling human problems for a minute to listen to the sounds of wild silence.

Turn up the volume.  Close your eyes if you want.  Nothing spectacular.  Just time to hear the sound of nature, take a breath, and go on with your life.

(header photo:  source of streams)

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  1. Wonderful minute

    Some of my happiest memories are the mountains and streams of Montreat, NC, Presbyterian ‘retreat’ near Black Mountain. Rock hopping and sleeping with the music of the current in your ears is pure pleasure. We had to make way for the bears so it’s been a long time since we were there — this is soul soothing
    Thanks so much, Chris

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