This latest review (on Amazon), of my Broken Bridges book, is a refreshing reminder of why I write, and why I keep publishing!

“I am a fairly new ex-evangelical (2 years or so) and I have been looking for books and other resources to help me discover ways to enter this new step in my life. This great book offered a perspective into relating to people of other faiths/ no faiths that finally made sense to me. Many atheist resources are very hostile towards belief and try to outsmart those that they deem to not be as good or as intelligent as them. I appreciated Chris and the short stories he shares because it gave me the hope that I can build bridges and love people simply because we are human. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone and everyone!”

Thanks so much, Matt! (contact me and I’ll send you one of the other books:  chris.highland (at) gmail)

(As always, I welcome reviews of all my books, and columns)

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