Join Me in the Joy of Writing

Chris-Muir Woods

One of my first readings of my first book under a towering redwood in Muir Woods

These are hard times for huge numbers of people across the world, and across the street.  Physically, emotionally, financially, we’re feeling the pinch.  Poorer, weaker and less powerful folks are suffering the most.  It’s the responsibility of the world’s “leaders” to lead with reason, science and compassion for the well-being of all.  And, I hope you’re taking care of yourself and staying healthy.

In my personal situation, here’s what I’m thinking.  Every now and then I post an “invitation” for readers to get involved in my work as a writer and teacher.  Most of my work is unpaid and I know from years working for non-profits that the choice to give to others won’t always pay the bills.  Yet, when you love what you’re doing, you make the best of it … you do what you can!

Today I want to invite you. . .give you the opportunity. . .to join me in the joy of my writing and teaching.

Since my class on Thoreau was cancelled along with some of the weddings that supplement my income, I’ve been keeping busy with exciting new projects.

I’ve been completing two new books that I hope to publish soon!

Following my last book, A Freethinker’s Gospel, these are new collections of the columns I write each week for the Asheville Citizen-Times.  If you want to hold another year’s worth of my essays in your hand (and buy them for friends and family) you can know that YOU were a part of the creative process!

Here’s how to be a partner in my writing:

If readers would contribute One Dollar for each of my weekly essays, that would be $52 for the year.  More than that would be. . .well, more than that!

*Join the Joy by Supporting My Work on Patreon. (You can give whatever you want, but a monthly pledge has its benefits … like free books!)

*Join the Joy by Writing a Review of my Books on Amazon or other bookseller site.

*Join the Joy by posting, sharing, emailing and shouting out to your friends and family about the books, the columns, the blog posts.

*Join the Joy by leaving a comment here OR sending me an email if you’d like to discuss your level of support.

Hey, Thanks!  Be Safe!  Find Joy!


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  1. This is in response to the “Castles in the Air” article in today’s Citizen-Times (3.28.20). What particularly caught my eye was your reference to Thoreau and Walden Pond. I used to live 1/2 mile from Walden Pond on Concord Turnpike across from a cow pasture. I remember how disappointed I was to find that Walden Pond isn’t very big, nor the woods remote at all. I’m glad you mentioned the fact that he went home frequently and was hardly camping out. It was more like the writer’s shed in the backyard!

    Sorry I can’t contribute to your support.

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