Baby god

Joy to the world, the season of Big Babies is Back!

Predictably, the seasonal outrage over the fake “war on christmas and christians” has begun:  “The 72 Hour War Over Christmas” (Charleston, WV mayor dared to name the sacred Christmas Parade a Winter Parade!  This is an ATTACK on Christ and DESTROYS faith … right).

Maybe baby gods don’t care?

Once upon a time. . .

But it’s not “once” and it’s just another time.

Endlessly upon time after time … a story was told, again and again, over and over,

of a very exceptionally special child (one special child among countless exceptional children?) born in a Nativity scene … that is, in a stable, during very unstable times for his parents, his people, for the world.

The adorable and soon to be ADORED child grew up, led a mostly uninteresting life no one cared to write about, until about thirty when he started preaching.

His message:  NO WINTER PARADES!  Or something like that.

The young man lived among poor and powerless people, told stories and got in trouble with self-righteous religious leaders for calling them names and calling out their hypocrisy (“Don’t turn my birthday into FAKE WARS to divide the people”  “And, by the way, why are you wasting time and money on childish nonsense and claiming it honors my birthday?”).

Not being all that patriotic, he got himself executed on a (tinsel-free) tree by the god-and-government people.

And now, for 2000 years, people tell his story, repeat his stories, and make up stories about him, such as:  He was God.

Yet, in doing this, most of these “followers” have made him a very. . . small. . . god.


In fact, it’s popular to defend the little god because he can’t seem to defend himself.  The Big Baby Himself seems to be defenseless against those who can throw him out of schools and parades.  The toddler is especially defenseless against those who do exactly what the young god did in his time:

they call out the self-righteous and their hypocrisy.

The great irony is, of course, that people who are NOT his “followers” or “believers” at all, end up taking his teachings more seriously than the worshippers of the tiny deity whose greatest, most popular and celebrated holiday is his birthday, when he was Not Big … the ever-vulnerable,

Baby god.

While the devoted believers in the baby god rant and rail and rage about parades, public prayers, godly mottos and such hugely important things, fighting those who are “hurting” the itsy bitsy god, and doing their utmost to Keep god Little,

the rest of us are busy doing the Big Stuff, little by little:  considering the lives and feelings of others, working hard to educate, inspire the human imagination and include rather than exclude people, trying our best to do the right things to help everyone.

Guess that means We’re bigger than god.

For this, we’re called “politically correct,” infidels and devils. The same thing could be said of the one who attacked the “religiously correct” of his day, you know, the infinite infant?

This season, once again and again and again, I’m enjoying the Autumn and coming Winter Season for the little things (small creatures, beautiful skies, kind gestures) and the big things:

Like all-powerful Nature.

Have a GREAT Season (whatever you choose to celebrate or not)!

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