I was an “Interfaith” chaplain for many years.  My wife was the director of an “Interfaith” council.  Now, that word doesn’t cover the landscape like it used to, or seemed to.

Maybe just being “Inter” should be enough?  Interconnecting, interrelating, interpersonal, “inter-grating” (made that up, sort of).

Anyway, after leaving the church, the ministry, the faith, I still hold to a few traditions around this time of year (due, in part, to my Dec 25th birthday).  I like the small, artificial tree (inherited from Carol’s parents), strings of lights, candles and a little gift exchanging.  Carol still practices as a minister-teacher, delighting in the same blending of traditions, celebrating the best of the stories called Hanukkah/Christmas/Solstice.  Of course, as a secular person, Solstice is my favorite, with the focus on Nature and the beauty of the Season.

At the election, we hung up an American flag for the first time.  Then added a We the People rainbow flag (with black and brown included).  We left that one up, as you see.  There’s that “Inter” again.


A safe, healthy and happy Inter-Season to You!

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  1. I started displaying the flag in 2007 after the ‘Day of Action to Restore Law and Justice’ in DC — during those years of torture, Abu Ghraib, black sites, etc. The ACLU, National Religious Campaign Against Torture, Amnesty International, etc, rallied against the US legalizing torture & suspending Habeas Corpus — and the final speaker (Anthony Romero?) ended a rousing speech waving an American flag, shouting “We want our flag back! We want our flag back!!”
    That’s when it dawned on me that the flag flies for our ideals, and against everything not liberty and justice for all.
    I’m glad you felt like flying it! and a safe and good inter-season to you too, with thanks as always!!!

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