Freedom for All?

I think it’s good and wise to be aware of the Christian Nationalists and their insidious schemes to re-make America in their image.  This is especially urgent since the Acting President and his Deplorable Disciples are in bed and embedded with The Christian Right, The Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation and their “Project Blitz” now called, get ready for it: “Freedom for All.”

These are the folks who promote lies such as this one on their website:

“Are you OK with being told you can’t talk about God? There’s no need to be quiet any longer.”

(right.  we all know how QUIET these people have been about their faith)

The fear mongering is based on their view that a Fundamentalist Christian faith is the true American religion and anyone that questions their agenda or supports actual Freedom of Religion is “anti-faith.”  In fact, they even say the Christian leaders who challenge them are not real Christians, or real Americans.

(this is what One Nation Under (Our) Jesus really looks like)

Ok, I could go on, so here you go. . .

You may find these links interesting:

“Project Blitz By Any Other Name”

Freethought Radio interview with Frederick Clarkson

Also impressive to hear from Christians Against Christian Nationalism.

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