Back to School, for God


God is. . .Back in School?

The school year is about to begin.  Excitement is building.  And one very special student will be in the eager crowd of little kids returning to class.  This will be BIG!

I agree with many of God’s Guardians: it’s time for God to go

Back to School

Wait, let me explain. . .

As those godly guardians believe, all the problems of America started when “God was taken out of school.” (we all know when that was done, don’t we?)

As these folks see it, when “prayer was taken out of school” and “Bible reading was taken out of school” then “God was taken out of our educational system.”  That’s simply horrible, unacceptable, un-American!. . .and, to be honest, un-true.

My question has always been:  So, how exactly did the Supreme Court “take God out” of public education?  Are the Supremes Bigger than the Supreme Being?!

If you know the law, you know that students can pray in school (and anywhere they choose), as long as it’s not disrupting real education and as long as teachers aren’t directing those prayers.  And students can read their bibles in school, when it’s not time for school work (which, as I remember, is the main reason for school).

btw, I used to carry “my Bible” everywhere, including school, and (don’t tell anyone but) I prayed there too … sometimes in class … silently of course!

It seems to me that if you’re a believer, you should be offended when someone says the Government can push your God around!  How could the Law lock out your Lord?!

When I was an evangelical, we proudly worshipped a Big God–the Biggest, Greatest Big One– and made fun of those whose God was “Too Small.”

Now, it seems this New Small-God Religion believes it can put God “back in school” (and council chambers, school boards and all public buildings) by pasting “In God We Trust” everywhere and setting up large images of the Ten Commandments (that command:  no graven images!).  Oh, and by sneaking prayers led by coaches on the 50 yard line.

(small-god followers sure are sneaky)

Unbelievably, as an unbeliever, I join with those who act like they are God’s Parents (or Coaches), “protecting and defending” the Little Guy, and think it’s time to:

Send God Back to School!

Imagine God is “back.”  He’s been gone, not just for summer (though He loved summer camp), but for many years, since those evil judges expelled Him (for disrespectful, disruptive behavior, I think).  He didn’t like school before– thought He knew it all and didn’t need all that worthless education.  But now He’s back, reluctantly.

First Day of School.  He carries His little backpack (with the “Lord’s Lunchbox” his church gave him and the cool Camo Bible from his parents).

The Teacher (representing all educators committed to secular education) welcomes all the little ones, including God.  And the lessons begin. . .

God, here’s what you’re going to learn this year in school:

-You have a lot to learn (always the first lesson)

-We’ll be reading and studying many textbooks (you may read the book you brought during lunch or free time)

-There are many ways of understanding our world, we’ll explore those

-Sad to say, there are people who want you to believe and trust them but they don’t always tell the truth.  We’ll work on critical thinking skills

-You don’t have to say the Pledge since we honor Freedom in this country

-You may see a sign in the hall that says “In God We Trust” but ignore it if you choose, it’s ok if you don’t “trust” the God of one religion, this is school and education is for everyone whether you are religious or not (that “motto” is on the money anyway)

-Learn to respect those who believe differently than you do

-Play nice with other gods

-And please have your parents do your homework with you (they may need these lessons more than you do)

There’s the Bell (not a church bell)

Have a great school year, God!


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