Ego de Lego

I’m aware of the fact some atheists, or former believers, are rather allergic to anything Jesus or Bible related. Yet, as I see it, freethinkers can still find useful, even wise and “inspiring” tidbits in the Teacher of Nazareth and the ancient books.

This week’s column takes a backward glance at the Mountain Message, the Lecture in the Light, or what is commonly called the Sermon on the Mount.  In the column I identify what may be one of the most important teachings in history, certainly religious history:

You Have Heard it Said, Ego de Lego 

“You have heard it said. . .” or “It is written”. . .

“But I say to you. . .”

Perhaps the ultimate freethinker’s motto or mantra!

See what you think.


(btw, I’m currently teaching a class on the Lecture in the Light, using snippets from my book, The Message on the Mountain: A New Secular Reading of the Sermon on the Mount)

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