White Christian Nationalism

It only takes one minute to call out and call attention to a major threat to religious freedom and democracy.  I’m consistently proud of my former representative in Congress, Rep. Jared Huffman, who literally stands for reason, critical thinking, common sense, science and humanist ethics.



Read the report he refers to in this clip

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  1. I agree with you on your stand regarding the concerns you mentioned in the articles, Chris.

  2. “Unfortunately, the white Christian nationalist version of patriotism is racist, xenophobic, patriarchal, and exclusionary. Their vision of the nation conveniently puts white people — especially men — who are politically conservative and who make some claim of Christian adherence at the top of the social hierarchy.” – from the report

    Christianity itself, without “nationalism”, does pretty much all of this, especially the version that Paul invented. One has to cherry pick it to get anything decent out of it.

    You are lucky to have Huffman. here in Pennsyltucky, we have nitwits in general, though Casey isn’t too bad.

    • Yes, however, a great many Christians who are not WCN practice more of an ethical kind of faith based on the more earthly, humanistic teachings of Jesus rather than the superiority of the Pauline Christ. There’s always some cherry-picking with these things, or we could call it discernment, wisdom, freethought. . .

      • Yep, that is true. Christians make up their god in their own image and pick and choose their way through the bible. It’s not discernment, wisdom or freethought. it is making something up you like.

        • You’re right, some do cherry-pick, just as some atheists tomato-pick. I think it comes down to our experience with Christians. Some cherries, and some tomatoes, are actually good.

          • funny how atheists only agree that there are no god or gods. So do tell how we “tomato pick” with one idea???

            • I mean, tomato-picking some Christians and some rotten fruits out of one massive, diverse religion then throwing tomatoes at all Christians. Like atheists, Christians don’t agree on many things as well (even what a Christian is). Generalizing about a religion and then tomato-picking this and that concerning how they interpret their scriptures or how god is viewed is what I’m talking about. There are many discerning, wise and freethinking Christians. This may not be your experience, but there are many. Instead of picking and throwing cherries and tomatoes, why don’t we show White Christian Nationalists, as well as other religious people and atheists, there is an alternative to the hate and bigotry? It doesn’t have to be a messy battleground.

            • Yep, Christians don’t agree on much of anything. Since one cannot know who the TrueChristians(tm) are, they are all representatives of their nonsense, and they all get to be shown as frauds since nothing they claim as “truth”, though it appear good or bad, is backed up by evidence.

              There are no wise or discerning or free thinking Christians. There are some humans who have invented a nicer version of their religion, but their religion is dependent on ignorance and fear. When your religion has the threat of eternal torture at its base, a god that commits and encourages genocide, and says that no slave should ever seek their freedom, there is nothing good about it.

              You may try to claim that Jesus Christ is “better” but this character murders all non Christians in the nonsense of Revelation. I am quite happy to have thrown out the whole thing since it is poisonous. I can look at other worldviews adn not be stuck with trying to pretend that Christianity is anything but what it is, a religion invented by the ignorant and tribal.

              Those “discerning, wise, freethinking Christians” are stuck with the same nonsense as the white christian nationalists. No matter how much they might want to try to pretend otherwise. I’ve read the bible so I know what it has in it quite well.

            • Ok, you’ve made your view clear. It doesn’t seem productive to continue this roundabout. Thanks for visiting.

            • thanks for showing that you cannot refute my points.

  3. Chris, Thank you for you insightul comment on cherry-picking and tomato-picking! Especially the sentence, “why don’t we show White Christian Nationalists, as well as other religious people…” All of your points are a good example of how complex life-stances are (most if not all a varying mixture of good and bad). For instance, when I got repeatedly attacked both by American Christians and non-religous individuals,etc., I more and more used the humanist label as best describing myself, but wouldn’t you know it, I was attacked by nonreligious individuals who also had negative things to say even about the Humanist Manifesto III! I was shocked. So thanks for emphasizing the positive:-)

    • Appreciate the comment, Daniel. Yes, criticism is essential, without throwing too many tomatoes! And so is building bridges, except when some are bridge burners with little positive to say. I still say it comes down to depth of experience with the full spectrum of believers or non-believers. One reason I find Humanistic Freethought a much healthier identity than “non god believer” (atheist)

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