New Sprout for Spring!


46 short reflective essays:

1-Freethinking on Faith, Feathers & Flocks 2-Mountains to Sea, Crossing Lines 3-Jesus was Jewish, but Should Jews be Christians? 4-Looking Past Windows that Separate & Stun 5-Witches, Wicca & a Pagan View of the World 6-In a Wholly New Light, the Biology of Faith 7-No Lock on the Truth in This Church 8-If God was Female 9-When a Person Loves Religious Feelings 10-The Value of What We Don’t Know & Can’t See 11-John Muir’s Echoing Call 12-A Young Farmboy Learns Lessons 13-When Faith Steps in to Block the View 14-Is There a Spirituality of Nature? 15-Camps Can Help Us Appreciate Nature, or Miss It 16-Walking Hand-in-Hand into Hell? 17-Who, What & Where is a Christian? 18-Meditation Practice Open to Anyone 19-The Awfully Incredible (R-Rated) Story of Noah 20-Life in the Secular Jewish Community 21-Sojourner Truth:  To Stay Here & Stand the Fire

22-Broken Bridges 23-Driving Lessons for Heretics​ 24-James Baldwin’s Prophetic Voice 25-Is a “Growing Faith” Always a Good Thing? 26-Margaret Fuller’s Thirst for Truth & Good 27-Autumn Leaves Mark the Passing of a Pastor 28-Baffled by Belief & Unbelief 29-The Gospel of Booker T. Washington 30-Why God Created Atheists 31-Woe Unto … Whom? 32-The Worst Parent in History? 33-Paine Pulls the Plug on Hand-me-down Religion 34-Nothing is Greater + “Perspectives” 35-Critical Religion Theory 36-Mindful & Awakened 37-Prayer: Private Plea or Public Performance? 38-A Nudge & a Push with a Bumper of Kindness 39-Thai Monks: Resisting the Robe of Religion 40-Eco-Religion 41-Ise Jingu 42-Spirit in the Sky 43-There Goes Many a Ship to Sea 44-Ministry of the Mountains 45-The Adventure of Living 46-Yes, George, This is Real Life

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