Freedom Convoy

We drove in the “Freedom Convoy” today!  Seriously, there it was as we were driving here in Western North Carolina.  Rarely do we see so many “patriots,” that is, flag-waving Trumpublicans.  And rarely do we see so many “Christians,” that is, “Merican Jeezus-following folks, driving together (and even people waving from the overpasses!).

Here are a few shots I took:

We hear about these convoys, but today we had the opportunity to drive alongside one.  My wife and I agreed, we support the right of these folks to parade their patriotism.  For my part, I don’t see how this flag-ripping, horn-honking, Biden-hating demonstration does much except waste very expensive gas.

Then I saw what another “convoy” is doing and it made me wonder if the “Freedom Convoy” would be interested. . .oh well, forget it.

Ethiopia’s Tigray crisis: First food convoy arrives

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