Highland Views

My second book of the year, Highland Views, is now available!  This collection of 52 columns (one year’s worth) from my weekly “Highland Views” articles, includes a wide variety of subjects and voices across the religious spectrum.


from the Introduction:

“In these pages you’ll find me raising questions and wrestling with subjects as varied as the soul and grief, miracles and death, a natural view of baptism and trying to make sense of the Lord’s Prayer. We meet up with Tom Paine and Walt Whitman, Pauli Murray and Wilma Dykeman, Jefferson and Olmsted. I include an “interview series” with a Conservative rabbi and a Humanist rabbi, conversations I had with women serving as an African Methodist Episcopal pastor, a Lutheran minister, a Wiccan witch and a United Church of Christ pastor. I reflect on a friend who was a Buddhist priest and another who was a Catholic lay leader, describe a congregation of street people and tell a few tales from Sufi, Quaker and Aboriginal tradition.

The “thread” that runs through all of it is, of course: Nature. “Nature reigns and rules the whole” is one title. I write about jumping spiders and a napping bear, religion’s love/hate relationship with animals and essential qualities of human life such as breath, water and hope. It’s nothing if not a grounded gospel of good.”

Chris Highland, Highland Views, 2022

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