Fear of Women

It seems to be a hallmark of “Bad Religion” to fear women.  For reference see Afghanistan … Texas … (countless examples).

These women in Afghanistan are showing such great courage!

Women Beaten for Demanding Their Rights (BBC)

One of the most powerful statements I’ve read:

“It’s important that we raise our voice. I’m not scared. I will keep going again and again and again, until they kill us. It is better to die once than die gradually.”

(And, yes, there are plenty of examples of “Good Religion” where women are respected as fully equal human beings)

Photo: Reuters

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  1. This was heavy mate.. I tweeted, and rebooted it. A clarion call!

  2. There’s a lot of courage going on over there.
    “It was a beautiful Kabul night we sat singing. We’ll sing again.”

    I’ve been following reporters and activists there via twitter…..
    Thank you for keeping them visible!!!

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