Faces of Faith (and Freethought)

Whose Faces come to mind when you think of

Faith or Freethought?

Are these the Faces of Faith you picture:

A pastor you know, a priest, rabbi or imam you know?

A beloved grandparent, a parent, another family member?

A community leader, a neighbor?

Your own face?

Or do these faces come readily to your mind:

Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell, Paula White?

Television evangelists, famous or infamous preachers?

“Right to Lifers,” conspiracy theorists, Trumpublicans?

Abusive clergy?

Are these the Faces of Freethought (secular atheists) you imagine:

The neighbor who doesn’t go to church?

The friend who shares a meal but not your faith?

The grandparent who is skeptical of religion but loves you whatever you believe?

Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Stephen Hawking?

Humanists you have known?

Or do these faces come to mind:

Madalyn Murray O’Hare?

Richard Dawkins?

Christopher Hitchens?

Angry anti-religious people you have known?

I think it matters who we think of, who we identify as a representative of the religious or non-religious world.

Experience matters.  Who we see.  Who we know.

So, I think it wise to be careful not to over-generalize, stigmatize or pre-judge someone who says they are a person of faith or a freethinker.

Because, each is a person.  Each speaks for themselves, with their words, their actions, their life.

The Photo:  Does Malala represent the face of faith, freethought or human goodness regardless of beliefs?

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