Secular Ganesh

Freethinkers can sometimes assume the role of Son of God (or Daughter, Child of God). . .at least as Hindus understand their Son of God–Ganesh, the elephant-headed Son of Shiva.

Ganesh is the remover of obstacles.  Lifting aside anything that blocks forward progress, education, evolution in thought.

For the class I taught on Contemporary Freethinkers I connected the concept of a Secular Ganesh to another image from Nature.  Local author Wilma Dykeman described using leverage to clear a rock from a stream to allow free-flowing water.  She relates this to humans:

“I thought about the blocks that hinder people in their growth and freedom. We need new leverage.  Are there levers we are overlooking which could roll aside some of the trivia, the debris, the barriers, which block us from the mainstream of experience and fullest participation in that mainstream?”

~Explorations (1984)

Freethinkers act as elephants, using levers of reason and conscience to clear paths and streams–streams of thought and belief.

After all, as we know, elephants are naturally secular.

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