The Solution

To just about everything concerning leadership. . .  is fairly simple, though very radical.

I’m not the first to suggest an “answer” to much of the world’s problems and ills, even literal ills.  But this has been on my mind for a long time.

It’s really quite simple:

-Leaders who direct their country into war must lead the battle on the front line.

-Leaders who can’t or won’t compromise need to have their paycheck put on hold until they compromise.

-Leaders (including religious) who suggest new “miracle cures” (or “healing prayers”) must be the first to take them, and prove they work.

-Leaders of  “protests” (and those who incite them) to “liberate” their state must not only be the first to go out and mingle … they must sign wavers that they will pay for any medical services they may need if they get infected.

-The same goes for pastors who encourage their flocks to gather during a pandemic.

-Leaders who “liberate” their state and open places like hair salons and bowling alleys must be the first to get their hair cut and go bowling.

. . .

You get the point.  I told you it was a simple principle.

Add your own “solution.”

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