Why Don’t You Believe?

What if I told you:

I hiked up a mountain the other day and a strange thing happened: a burning tree spoke to me and gave me commandments every human being must obey.

I was riding my chariot into battle when suddenly the driver revealed he was god, then instructed me how to wage war and love god too. My story is sacred scripture.

Before I was born my mother had a dream that I would be a special child sent from god. At my birth, angelic beings appeared and said I was god’s child. When I was older, I went into the desert and came out with a message everyone needs to hear and obey. The words I speak are directly from god.

I camped out in a cave and an angel spoke to me. I was told I am the messenger of god, the final prophet he has sent to the world and the words I recite from him are holy.

I was killing Christians but then heard a voice telling me I was to write letters to churches and those letters are the sacred word of god.

I dug up a treasure box in my field and found tablets with god’s words written on them. Only I could read them because I am his prophet. These are the last days.

I just had a mystical experience and felt a spiritual presence.

I have been posting my beliefs on the internet. Everyone who seeks truth will know what I say is true. I call myself “Q.”

Do you believe?

Why wouldn’t you believe?

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