Self the Elf

The perfect message for a year when the American slogan seems to be:

Make America Selfish Again

And the perfect book for this?  Dr. Self’s (aka Deepockets Chopra):

You Are the Universe:  Discovering Your Cosmic Self and Why it Matters

The book jacket astounds our wobbly reasoning with:  “When you gaze out at the night sky with its awe-inspiring display of stars and galaxies, do you ever ask yourself if it could be possible that you are actually looking into a mirror?  What if we inhabit a universe that perfectly fits our needs here on Earth, but we just don’t know it?”

And then, this truly stunning statement:  “Looking to overturn the traditional model of scientific reality [the writers] hold that each of us is a cocreator of reality.”

One reviewer says this is “a masterpiece.”  Another:  “Absolutely fascinating.”

Yes!  I look up, and I SEE MYSELF!  Oh, thank you, Dr. Universe!  Now I know, I’m not just a selfish little self, I’m a Great Big Self … I’m the Universe!

{Sounds like something right out of the mouth of our self-loving Pandemic President and his maskless, mindless congregation}

And, yes, I did skim through the book (all I could stomach), and found this gem:

“There is no inner and outer, no me and you, no mind and matter … the mind has stopped  conceiving of reality and now starts living it.”

Amazing.  Profound.  I’m so beside myself.   Dr. Self/Universe has convinced me to let go, release my mind and embrace the universe … embrace myself in all my Selfness.

You can do it too!  Embrace your Self and you embrace my Self and the great Selfish Universe embraces itself.

And, You’re Welcome!  I’ve saved you spending $16 to read all 260 pages.

{the foregoing is slightly sarcastic and perhaps just a bit selfish}

The Elf

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