One Nation Indivisible?

For a divided nation, it’s either a wonderful day or an awful one.  Celebration on one side, and disappointment, even anger, on the other.  Carol and I hug and share some tearful moments, feeling relief after four years of almost daily chaos and calamity.

Yet, the reality has already set in.  The chaos isn’t over.  After the votes are counted, after the demonstrations, there will still be deep divisions and disagreements, entrenched “sides” in this “One Nation Indivisible.” (who are we fooling with that?)

I have so much to say, and yet, so little.  The days, weeks, months and even years ahead won’t be easy for any of us, especially for the new president and vice-president.

So I thought of this new motto or slogan for the way forward, especially with the pandemic and the epidemic of divisive rhetoric:

MAHA:  Make America Healthy Again

Maha in Sanskrit, means “great.”

And, whatever it may mean for us, for the U.S., in Arabic maha means “beautiful eyes.”

Maybe looking each other in the eyes, and perhaps finding some glint of beauty, is a hint for the way to heal and mend a broken nation.  If that’s possible.  I hope so.

We the People need MAHA, wouldn’t you say?

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