This website reached 50,000 views today.  I’m aware this doesn’t mean there have been that many actual “visitors.”   That number is closer to 5000 for 2020 alone.  Those who stop to read content (true “visitors”) have included readers from Canada and Australia, Ethiopia and India, Ecuador and South Korea, Netherlands and China, and of course the UK and the USA.  Some may drop by to see my Nature photographs or check out my books.  Others may track one of the “tags” that I select for each post.  And then, as we know, there are countless “searchers” out there who are scanning for something, anything that catches their eye.

Thank you all for visiting!

As I keep writing and publishing, taking photos, storing up curiosity, wisdom and images from my life’s journey, I invite more engagement with the words, ideas and stories I pour out here.  I welcome questions, comments, suggestions and challenges to my thinking.  I love to hear from readers and see the book reviews.  The inter-connections across the globe add a depth to the meaning of this ongoing project of expression.

Oh, and don’t forget to “FOLLOW” this website!


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  1. Congratulations on obtaining the milestone of 50,000 views! I enjoy your posts and perspective, and your books!

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