Leaf it Alone

A poetic reflection:

We see them fall,

We hear them rustle,

We may even feel them

brush by our face.

Today, as I ate my lunch under the sycamore

One landed on my plate.

Was the tree teasing, or asking me to eat it?

More likely I should leave it be–

“Leaf it alone,” (to drop a pun)

To decompose

To compose a composting concert

Orchestrating endless living music

Among renewable roots

Sucking beauty from the crunching copper carpet

Ascending again, transformed

From the scattered symphonic spread

Drifting down to play once again

Across the rain-soaked autumn earth.

Chris Highland

October 2020

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  1. What a bad pun, flying so well as it does in all directions.

  2. thank you, Chris, for providing sanity in a time of growing uncertainty about the future of humanity,

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