Continuing this week’s “gospel” according to Secular Jesus. . .

Secular Jesus-B.C.

Note:  As I mentioned on FB, those who studied in liberal seminaries, as I did, wouldn’t be too surprised or shocked by these views of a Secular Jesus removed from the theologizing of the Church that made him an otherworldly god.  At least, SJ has a good sense of humanity and humor!

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  1. Hello Chris. Enjoying your short posts on the Secular Jesus. Could recommend a very readable book from a credible theologian or religious philosopher who discusses and outlines what JC would have looked like if the established church by power hungry Bishops or monastic hermits hadn’t gained control of the historical narrative. I would like to read it. Thanks and hope you’re well and thriving amongst all of the external mayhem.

    • Hope you’re staying well too, Marty. Was that a question regarding a book, or do you have a suggestion? I was steeped in “Liberation Theologians” during seminary who tended to be radical Catholic priests serving among the poor they considered the incarnation of the divine. Now, I think writers like John Spong, as well as older voices like John AT Robinson and John Hick (the Johns, I guess!) offer a more realistic view of Jesus. Not thinking of others at the moment. Take care, and the blessings of Secular Jesus to you!

      • Oh yes, the later versions of the Gospels of the Johns. I think Constantine left them out of the canon. Shame. I think Bishop Robinson’s book Honest to God was one of the most influential books in my early seminary enlightenment. I did a book review about it as true to form my prof. the main NT theologian at Fuller, wrote the prevailing response from evangelical adherents.” Oh that book, comprising the three German beers, Bultmann, Bonhoeffer and Barth which resulted in a bunch of FROTH”. I loved the book, liberating me and drank it completely, as it said so succintly what I had been thinking about for years. It changed my beliefs about so many things I had been raised to believe as gospel. Thanks for the ideas. maybe you should do a short article on the 4 Johns. Cheers, Marty

  2. People might take “The Four Johns” the wrong way. . . Right now I’m working on several new books, but not changing my name to John. . .yet!

    • Sounds good although the play on words for “Johns” has promise,.with so many alternative meanings. Just watched TV show on the Templars. Apparently some of them thought Jesus was a fraud and the true messiah was John the Baptist by their contact with the Sabiens in Arabia during the crusades. Is that why King Phillip and the Pope burnt them at the stake, or was it that they had lots of land and money for the grabbing. Probably the latter, with heresy thrown in to stop the riots. …keep me posted on your new books and I will let you read a draft of my current project on Inclusive Humanism with a target audience of 18-30 who don’t really like to read books. Nice challenge. BTW your pedigree in your first name “Chris” sounds very historical. You are my favorite secular Chris (t). HA!

      • Quite a complex history on the heresy/orthodoxy battlefields. Funny about the “t” on the name. When first introduced to a church as an intern they spelled my name with a “t.” As you might guess, I’d rather be identified with the “J” than the “C.” Would very much enjoy reading your manuscript. I’ll keep you posted on my projects. Peace and wellness in “BC.”

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