The Evangelist’s Purse

“God is trying to get our attention. He wants us to worship him.”

Guess which famous and wealthy evangelist said this about the corona virus.

Franklin Graham (WA PO, April 7, 2020).  Of course.

He tells us exactly what kind of Deity he worships.  One who “gets our attention” through plagues, disease, suffering, death.  And why?  So He (God) will have our attention (worship and praise).  And, so he (Graham) will get our attention (and hopefully cash).

Any “good work” of “ministry” his “Samaritan’s Purse” is doing is, in my opinion, clouded by this arrogant view of an Arrogant Almighty who would cause people to suffer and die for his own Cosmic Ego.  Worship of a Sadistic Monster says a great deal about that god’s evangelists.

And the “purse” keeps filling with cash.

Note:  Samaritan’s Purse enjoys a total revenue of $700,000,000.  God be praised?

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