Debunking the Bunkum

Some believers like walls, especially if they keep out the “bad,” scary or “evil” influences, or if the walls keep in the “true faith” and protect the faithful.

The Wall of Separation that guards Religion from the State and the State from Religion is thick and strong.  Yet, as we know, there are some wall-lovers who hate that wall and they think it should be destroyed.  They should listen to believers who “get it,” who understand that poking through the wall hurts everyone.  They should “do unto others” and listen to non-religious people who aren’t against faith but want everyone’s right to conscience protected.

The wall actually protects Religious Freedom, which guarantees every American freedom of belief, or non belief.  The State cannot direct the mind, the conscience, the heart of an individual.

Americans United prepared this little explanation debunking …

Five Religious Right Myths about Separation of Church and State

Don’t you think we need this debunking of the bunkum more and more right now?

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