Requiem for the Gods

With all due respect to those who honor, reverence and worship a god or gods/goddesses, I think it’s important now and then to look back on countless cultures in the sanctuaries of history, reflecting on the fact that so many divine beings have passed away along with their cultures and religions.

Please join me in prayer … that is, bow your heads … I mean, let us consider, with eyes wide open, the demise of the deities of history (a few are still honored by some):

High Gods:

Australian Aboriginal pantheon: Baiame
Algonquin pantheon: Gitche Manitou
Ashanti pantheon: Nyame
Aztec pantheon: Huitzilopochtli or Ometeotl or Quetzalcoatl
Batak pantheon: Debata Ompung Mulajadi na Bolon
Canaanite pantheon: Baʿal (now usually identified with Hadad)
Carthaginian pantheon: Baʿal Hammon
Celtic pantheon: Dagda
Berber pantheon: old: Amun; new: Poseidon
Chinese pantheon: Yuanshi Tianzun, Jade Emperor, Shangdi, Tian
Circassian pantheon: Theshxwe
Dahomey pantheon: Nana Buluku
Dravidian pantheon: Seyyon, Mayyon, Vendhan, Kotravai
Egyptian pantheon: Old Kingdom: Ra. New Kingdom: Amun
Finnic pantheon: Ukko
Germanic pantheon: Wōden
Georgian pantheon: Armazi, Ghmerti
Greek pantheon: Zeus
Guarani pantheon: Tupa
Haida pantheon: Raven
Hawaiian mythology: Kāne
Hindu pantheon: Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu, Indra or Brahman
Hittite pantheon: Arinna or Teshub
Hopi pantheon: Angwusnasomtaka
Inca pantheon: Viracocha
Inuit pantheon: Anguta or Anigut but only among the Greenlandic Inuit
Japanese pantheon: Amenominakanushi, Izanagi-no-Mikoto, then Amaterasu-Ōmikami
Korean pantheon: Dangun
Lakota pantheon: Wakan Tanka or Inyan
Lusitanian pantheon: Endovelicus
Mari pantheon: Kugu Jumo
Māori pantheon: Tāne
Mayan pantheon: Hunab Ku or Itzamna
Mbuti pantheon: Khonvoum
Mesopotamian pantheon: Sumerian: An, later Enlil; Babylonian: Marduk
Miwok pantheon: Coyote
Muisca pantheon: Chiminigagua
Nabatean pantheon: Dushara
Norse pantheon: Odin
Ossetian pantheon: Xucau
Persian pantheon: Ahura Mazda
Philippine pantheon: Bathala (Tagalog), Kan-Laon (Visayan)
Roman pantheon: Jupiter

Gods of Nature/the Earth:



Mother Earth
Local gods
Household gods
Trees and forests

More Familiar Gods:

Abrahamic:  Yahweh, Jesus, Allah

Questions for honest reflection/discussion:  

If you believe that your God still lives, how do you know that all the others are gone?  How is it that only yours survived?

If you mourn the loss of any of these, why?  What does that mean for you?

If you do not mourn, do you rejoice in these losses?  Is it cause for celebration?

How would the world have been different without these gods?

How do we live in a post-deity world today?

For further investigation and mourning of the Lost:

Extensive List of the Departed Deities


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